Things to do before I turn 30..

Here's my huge list of stuff I want to do before I turn 30 - which is 3 years from now. I have tried to be pretty realistic about it - so no "Trip to Paris" on the list - yet. I have just put those things here which I feel are a must to do to feel better about what I have done so far. Else I will keep cribbing and then it will be too late. So time for action. I will mark those which I complete. Wish me luck! Deadline is April 2013.

Sell my paintings.
Join a dance class.
Go to Ladakh / or an awesome road trip like it.
Night out.
Get drunk - wasted.
Stay in a cabin in the hills.
Color my hair.
Learn how to make awesome coffee.
Cook my mom a dinner - n give her an awesome gift.
Start writing poems again - this is tricky.

Sleep under the stars. Oh please. And we can make wild guesses about the constellations.
Learn to drive.
Have my own library.
Picnic by the riverside.
Spend one day lying in bed and not feel guilty about it. Just do nothing but read great books. Laze about. Ok, cut out the books too. Just be so lazy that laziness gets an entirely new definition.
Meet Ruskin Bond.
White water rafting.
Go on a photo-vacation.