My Blogs

Greetings netlings!
This is where I explain to you why I have so many blogs (6+) and what each of them is meant for.

1. When It Rains: My first (continuous) blog. I had many before it, but discarded them one after the another for some reason or another. This was the one I settled at, in the winter of 2004. And it became my home for many, many years. A place where I shared my thoughts and feelings and dreams with the world. Place where I made friends and where I met very, very special people. It means a lot to me, and I would never have discontinued it but for Rediff, which was becoming unreliable day-by-day. This blog is still alive, though I don't write on it anymore. I do, however, take an occasional memory stroll there... 

2. Dark Rain: You are on a page of this very blog. So I guess you already know what this is about. Still, just to keep everything organised, let me elaborate. This blog was initially created as a second fiddling to the first blog I had on Rediff ... mostly because I knew that sooner or later, I will have to shift to Blogger. And also, because at first all my "dark" thoughts were stored here. Moody ones. Now its about my thoughts - happy, sad, angry, joyous.. Like a diary I can share with the world.

3. And I ♥ This: A place to collect all the lovely stuff  I see online. About things I see and like. Like design. Fine Art. Fashion. Intelligent ideas. Anything that makes me happy. And kick-fires the grey cells :)

4. Dark Rain Photography: A photo blog for my pictures. I am still learning, still struggling with the technicalities of photography, but am not giving it up. This is like a slide show of what I consider "good enough" work. 

5. Joie De Vivre: Latest blog. Soon to be started. "This blog collects the happy, beautiful stuff that happens per day in my life. Simple things that make life better, happier. It may be an unexpected call from a good friend, it may be sudden showers or it may be curling up with a delightful book.. anything that makes me smile... each day. Just so we realise the simple pleasures of life and stop focusing on "I would be happy if only...""

6. When it rains (Tumblr): I have no idea why I have this blog. But if you are like me and like to look at beautiful stuff and lovely photographs - what we call inspiration - go click away. Oh, perhaps this is my "inspiration book."