Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Words are winds and smoke

Today I finally wrote. 
I wrote about you, and I, and us. I wrote about the first kiss, the first touch. How we held hands the first time. How innocent and sweet yet scary it was.  The time when I had felt something flutter inside me while talking to you. And when I finally saw something in your eyes. From this to now. Everything. Each moment, each pause, each breathe. Every doubt, every thought. Every color. The sunsets and sunrises I saw with you and without you, within you. The nights we spent apart yet together. The days we had carelessly given away to passion. Conversations, thoughts, ideas, words, yours, mine, ours, theirs. Sacred secrets, shared jokes, hidden delights.  From the beginning till the end... or whatever one may call it, I wrote it all. 

And then I burned it and watched it go up in smoke, like scattered stars at dawn. 

I let it go.


lavinasmith01 said...
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I don't know I landed on your blog. but I have and I really really like your words. They echo. We all feel. I would love for you to contribute a story or a prose-poem or two, a narrative of any kind to my new story-telling initiative, do check it out.

Also, from your writing, I think you may like my poetry, they will echo for you in return.

Rain Girl said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Very sweet & encouraging of you :)

I love the idea of your initiative; I would definitely contribute to it as soon as I can get rid of this writer's block. :P I have a suggestion though. Why don't you try spreading the word about peepul story via twitter? Its more potent than blogger or FB. Do give it a try.

Thank you once again :)

Elis said...

Such beautiful description portraying people and events gone through, feelings and emotions. And we shiver and stop for a hweile as we read them and... then we are already different from the ones we were when we entered the blog for the first time and read the first words.

Rain Girl said...

@Elis.. Thank you! You are very kind with your words :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

Wooow you look amazing <3

Wanna follow each other? Regards!

Rain Girl said...

@Ioana-Carmen Thank you so much & welcome to my blog :)

Just went through your blog and loved it. Following it now. You might want to check my fashion blog because I guess that would be better! Here's the link:


Lucija said...

I just found your blog and it is amazing.I will come again for sure :) If you want we could follow each other? Let me know on my blog if you would follow me and I will follow you immediately :) Have a great day honey :)

The Sage said...

popular, someone is??!!

Rain Girl said...


Hey! Sorry am replying after so long!

Welcome here and thanks a ton for you sweet comment. Am checking out your blog right now!

Cheers! <3

Rain Girl said...

@The Sage: Rrrrrigght!

Ioana-Carmen said...

lovely sweetie <3


Анна Максимовна said...

it's really amazing. I enjoyed reading your posts, they are all crowded feelings.And the main thing I understood that your style! Fact for me it's very important, because I'm from Russia, and my English not sooo good... unfortunately :(

Sorry for my mistakes :[