Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The decade that was...

Looking back at the past ten years of my life... the most eventful, the most life-altering years...its a long journey, and I have tried to remember the best moments, the memorable moments and the landmarks. But memory is always so unreliable. Side-effects of so many birthdays, I presume. So grab some popcorn or your favourite drink, settle down, and let's take a trip down the memory lane... but be warned, it may get exhausting!!

Studying Fine Arts & Psychology. Perspectives about people & life & art. Finally studying something I loved. It made a hell lot of difference to my grades, and hence, my confidence.

Moving to Delhi. The freedom, the struggle, the youth, the fears...
Hostel life. Bliss! Memories to cherish for life. Learnt a lot about relations here. And friendships. And my shortcomings. I still hate myself for how I behaved back then.

Chain-smoking... loving it, then hating it & hence quitting it.
Tasted alcohol. Hated it. Still can't understand its enigma, its importance.
Getting a job - and not getting fired from any job.
Living alone, loathing it, yet surviving it. Not recommended, though.
Doing a call centre job. Screwed me up for life.
Sunk too low... took me ages to crawl back up...
Falling in love...the pain, the hope...and the joy!! :D
Realising that nothing makes you as strong, or as vulnerable as being on love with someone.

Books, books, books... my sanity.
Blogging. I could finally write somewhere else other than my diary. And surprise! People liked reading it.

Making life lasting friendships.
Getting a degree.
Time when life was all about work, work, work and cutting corners to save, save, save. And time when I had the luxury to put my feet up and do - nothing!!!

No longer dependent on anyone's money. Its a great feeling!
Mobile phones. Internet. And free incoming calls. And Skype.
Learning that friends are not for life.
People who came into my life to guide me and then went away quietly. Forever indebted to them.
My brother - we became close once more. Am still amazed how can such a sweet guy be my brother.. one of us must have been adopted!
Finally understood that Family matters...
...and so does money.

Discovered HIMYM. Seriously. God bless Barney for legendary laughs ;)
My faith in God and his funny ways still unshattered. He knows best.
Did pretty much everything I never thought I would do. Found a reason for things I did...
Like getting married.
Understanding life. And the importance of sacrifices and adjustments.
My own home! After years of being uprooted relentlessly - a place called home.
Becoming the part of a new family. And getting so much love I don't think I ever deserved.
Getting valuable lessons. And forgetting them too.
Experienced Bombay Rains. Happiness drizzling on earth.
Faced the fact that some truths were no longer true for me.
Still struggling to be a better person...

These people came into my life - Pranshu (ha ha), Jaya, Divya, Minakshi & Rishi. There are others too. But I cannot live without these. Nopes. They are my lifeline, my everything. They give meaning to the word life.

This list could go and on and on... and perhaps, I may add to it occasionally... but it seems complete as of now. So tell me, what do you think? Did I miss something? And how was your decade?

Some things are too personal to be put in here. So even though they were turning points of my life, I simply cannot write them down here.