Sunday, December 12, 2010

Never alone

One can never forget. 
Those who tell you otherwise, are lying through their teeth. 

For how can you escape your own thoughts? They become your personal demons - haunting you forever, taunting you incessantly. Laughing inside your head and dragging you deep down into a never-ending abyss whenever you slip even a little bit. There is no escape. Never will be. Temporarily? Perhaps. But before you have even managed to breathe that sigh of relief, they will be back, stronger and darker than before.

Its such a funny shit. For after a while - eons or seconds maybe, you can pause, tilt your head and laugh at the injustice of the whole situation. You pay for your sins. And for the sins of others too. Year after year. Night after night. 

Sometimes, you forget.
But they always come back. And you are never alone.

image: unknown