Monday, July 19, 2010

Tower of Tissues

And then there was this girl who was locked up, up in a high tower. And the tower and its mast and its moat and the rooms inside and the windows - everything was made of tissues. She was trapped in a tower of tissues, because all she did was cry. If she was happy, she would shed endless happy tears. If she was sad, sad, beautiful tears came tumbling out... Everything and nothing had a profound effect on her and all she could do was shed those tears.

People had theories about her. Perhaps she had sinned in her previous life and hence was forbidden to smile. Or perhaps, she had tears instead of blood coursing through her veins...

Every year, when the moon was full and high in the night sky, and one could see the constellations of Hera and Erebos become one, the layers of tissues were taken off, thrown away and replaced with new ones. Because even tissues can bear only so much tears...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tagged after so long!

So here we are... it has been ages since I was last tagged... there was a time we would happily take on tag posts because it meant not struggling over what to post next. 

I was tagged by the sweet Calvy, and I took almost a month to rspond.. am so, so sorry :(
Without further ado, here's more information for the voyeur in you ;)  

1. Asked someone to marry you? Guilty. Took some time and persuasion, and finally... a happy beginning ;)

2. Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Yes darling! Twice. But the details go with me to the grave :P

3. Danced on a table in a bar? No, no :O would be fun but am too scared of being embarrassed.

4. Ever told a lie? Ha ha. Who hasn't? ;)

5. Kissed a picture? Millions of zillions of time... sigh!

6. Slept in until 5 PM? Only when I was very, very sick.

7. Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty. Having a heavy lunch is so catastrophic!

 8. Held a snake? Am actually not sure about this. Will have to consult Rainboy.

9. Been suspended from school? Nah. but now I wish I had been ;)

10. Worked at a fast food restaurant? No. Would have been an experience though.

11. Stolen from a store? Yes. I still regret it...

12. Been fired from a job? Nah, never :)

 13. Done something you regret? Guilty. Again, who hasn't? And many many times.

 14. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? No.. I just choke :P

15. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? I wish!!

16. Kissed in the rain? Yes... its divine...

17. Sat on a roof top? Totally!

18. Kissed someone you shouldn’t? The same sex people I guess ;)

19. Sang in the shower? Guilty. 

 20. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? No one will dare to. They know I will bury them alive. Plus I always considered it kinda offensive, never fun.

21. Shaved your head? One day, I will.

22. Had a boxing membership? No, but I practise daily ;)

23. Made a girlfriend cry? I will presume it is for my friends who are girls hehe. Yes I have, and then I have handed over tissues and begged forgiveness till eternity.. I can be such a jerk sometimes.. :(

24. Been in a band? Shaadi wala band? Yes! :P Just kidding...

25. Shot a gun? Nopes

26. Donated Blood? They say am underweight... :|

27. Eaten alligator meat? Am a vegetarian...and I doubt that even if I was a non-vegetarian, would have experimented so much.

28. Eaten cheesecake? Nopes.

29. Still love someone you shouldn’t? I have never loved anyone I shouldn't...

30. Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.

31. Liked someone, but will never tell who? If we are talking about crushes, then yes it has happened. Otherwise, no. I believe in spreading love and joy ;)

32. Been too honest? Oh yes. And it hurts.

33. Ruined a surprise? Many. All the surprises were for me. They never take in my superior IQ while planning a surprise, ha! ;)

34. Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Yup.

35. Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty. Some things come with an expiration date. Some things do not come under "Friends for Life."

36. Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Of course. Girls wear men's clothes all the time :P

37. Joined a pageant? He he. No.

38. Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? I am never sure about these things.. so, no idea

39. Had communication with your ex? Don't have an ex. :)

40. Got totally drunk on the night before exam? No! Oh god, no. I hadn't tasted alcohol in those days :P

41. Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Millions of times. Yesterday in fact. Mostly, the anger is at myself.