Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sex and the... education

Think about it.

When did you first knew this three letter word was dirty? That you were not supposed to use it in polite conversation? That you did not know, till after a long time (or short time, perhaps) what it means, really means? And how much it changed things? Changed how you viewed girls / boys, marriage, births etc.?

That you talked with friends about tried to read all you could about it? And not a single word was from your school syllabus?

Why is it, that in a country like ours, who is known as land of Kamasutra and the second most populous country in the world, sex is a taboo? Why is it that sex education is still not compulsory for children?

And worried parents will think that perhaps we are encouraging kids to think about sex and do it. Yeah right! They will do it anyway, now or later. Sooner or later, they have to do it! Its better they know what they are getting into and how to go about it. The precautions, the risks, pregnancy, birth control etc. And what safer place to learn this than in a classroom, by a well-informed, knowledgeable teacher?

Better than asking people who have hardly any clue themselves. I have heard educated people (graduates, working) saying that a girl can become a virgin again if she doesn't have sex for 2-3 months or more. Ye-sss...


Our education system is anyways going down the drain. Now kids are being told they no longer have to work hard, because hey, we won't fail you. No matter what your marks are, we will give a grade, even if you are merit-listed, so don't sweat so much! Life isn't so difficult you see. Why, there be will a reservation for your sex/caste/religion somewhere in some industry/field, so don't stress kid!


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