Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...

 So I turn 27 today - something I am trying not to think about. Mainly because it means that I will be 30 in 3 years from now, which, frankly makes me want to get mummified and wake up after, say a 100 years or so. I realised that there are so many things I wanted to do but haven't done, because, well, one just keeps procrastinating. So I've finally decided to make a list of stuff that I have to do - no matter what - by the time I turn 30.. so at least, I won't feel so bad.. won't feel that I didn't accomplish anything even at this age.

But before the list, here are a few pictures of the surprise He had planned for me :D

Yes. The cake. I know. I loved it too. And yes, it was delicious.

He knows I love the tiny stuff. And the bicycle is a gift by my best friend who gave me a sweet surprise.
(Psst! He wanted me to write "nasty shock" instead of "sweet surprise".)

He made this sofa...

These were the guests...


Anyway, the list:

Sell my paintings.

Join a dance class.

Go to Ladakh / or an awesome road trip like it.

Night out

Get drunk - wasted.

Try tequila.(just so I can crib that I have no idea why people have something so bitter - also - it may help me fulfill the aforementioned wish).

Create an awesome poster.

Stay in a cabin in the hills.

Color my hair.

Learn how to make awesome coffee.

Cook my mom a dinner - n give her an awesome gift.

Start writing poems again - this is tricky.

Join kickboxing classes.

Grow a beard and leave it for at least a month. Kiddin!

Sleep under the stars. Oh please. And we can make wild guesses about the constellations.

Learn to drive.

Have my own library.

Picnic by the riverside.

Spend one day lying in bed and not feel guilty about it. Just do nothing but read great books. Laze about. Ok, cut out the books too. Just be so lazy that laziness gets an entirely new definition.

Meet Ruskin Bond.

White water rafting.

Go on a photo-vacation.

Dance in the rain - done that - wanna do again.

Skinny dipping.

Master one dish which will be handed down generations :P

Get that book published.

Memorize the lines of my fav movie - all the lines.

Scuba diving / snorkeling.

Get over my fear(s).

Relearn maths.

Dance on top of a table. In heels.


blunt edges said...

pretty sweet of your Him :)
happy b'day rain girl :D

rainboy said...

Awesome Pics hain yaar, The way the cake was presented WOW !!!

Read your list... before 30... quite difficult... I have a bucket list too... Maybe someday I'll share it.

Relearn maths... lol are u kidding me hahaha never ever for

White water rafting... I so wanna go within 2-3 weeks.//


Anyways Happy happy b'day sister...

Mom is missing you
hugs n love

Big B

The Sage said...

belated happy birth day, rain girl... am so glad you liked pranshu's preps...

♫♪♥W!nK♥♪♫ said...

Sorry I'm late. Happy belated birthday!!
After reading your wish list, I realized we're a little similar :D
Hope you can fulfill all your dreams! :)
Take Care!

Amrita said...

awwww what pretty pics :) <3 the cake, the guests the sofa the cycle :D hope you had an amazing time :*

Am In Trance said...

You Give Vibes Of Such A Wonderful Person..
Happy Birthday...


rain girl said...

@Blunt Edges: thank you so much!:)

rain girl said...

@rainboy: hai na? He's awesome at all this.. seriously!

and the list, well, it is difficult, but otherwise, what's the fun? ;)

love you brother!!!

rain girl said...

The Sage: thankuuuuuu :* *hugs* u know na I loved your surprise n gift :D

rain girl said...

@Wink: thank youuuu!! :D its ok, better late than never :P

acha, what are the similarities? temme temme ;) curious!!

take care


rain girl said...

@Amrita.. thankuuuuu and yes it was the best budday ever!! :D

rain girl said...

@Am in Trance: thank you so much! for the wishes and the compliment ;)

and welcome here!! :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

OMG! (once again) HE sure knows the way to your heart!! And you deserve every bit of it!!

Happy completing your to-do list!! :D

rain girl said...

@B&B: thank youuuuuu :D he is too sweet na? n yeah, m sooo gonna finish that list :D really lookin forward to it :)

indicaspecies said...

That's a lovely list and most of it is possible right away, so begin and all the best Rain Girl. Belated birthday greetings to you. I can see you have been pampered on your birthday, esp with such a cake, and that's really nice. Cheers:)

Khamakha said... asks...Leave your comment
you really want to say something?
Yeah really wanna was a beautiful occasion beautified even further with all the loveliness flowing around both of you:)

Happy Birthday again...may everyday be as beautiful :) I know it is.


Khamakha said...

and THE list!!! you!!..u must must accomplish alllllllllll of them...

rebelONrise said...

:P :P :P
cant get any better than this...cant wait to hear all about it...sooooooon!!! :)

sakhii•• said...

happy b'day!!(bl8ed tho)
cute piks!!
even i wanna go to ladakh n meet ruskin bond too;)

rain girl said...

@Khamakha... thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D just wish u were there too.. :) get a bit free na.. let's meet up.. then maybe u can help me fulfill a few points off the list :)

rain girl said...

@rebelONrise.. you know when to find me online ;)

rain girl said...

@sakhi.. thankuuu for the wishes :) and chal, lets go at least meet Ruskin Bond (he's such an awesome writer).. who knows, he may wanna accompany us to Ladhak ;)

Jini said...

B'lated happy birthday! The pics are soooo good and the cake...what do i say abt it :) u r one lucky gal! hope all your wishes come true.

rain girl said...

@Jini... thank you sooo much! :D and yes, I am a very lucky girl :)

welcome to my blog.. :D

and those pics.. he clicked them :)

radhika92 said...

happy belated birthday! and the tiny stuff- me too! the little sofa set was just the cutest thing ever :)

rain girl said...

@radhika: ahaaa!! welcome welcome! :D *hugs* am so happy to c ya here

thanks so much girl.. :)

and psst! I love your DP :D

radhika92 said...

so clearly i'm not so regular with the whole blog thing. :p
thanks! :D

Rain Girl said...

Ha ha! :P
Better late than never! :)

Rain Girl said...

@indicaspecies.. so sorry I missed your comment! :O This is so embarrassing... :(

thanks for your wishes!!!