Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...

 So I turn 27 today - something I am trying not to think about. Mainly because it means that I will be 30 in 3 years from now, which, frankly makes me want to get mummified and wake up after, say a 100 years or so. I realised that there are so many things I wanted to do but haven't done, because, well, one just keeps procrastinating. So I've finally decided to make a list of stuff that I have to do - no matter what - by the time I turn 30.. so at least, I won't feel so bad.. won't feel that I didn't accomplish anything even at this age.

But before the list, here are a few pictures of the surprise He had planned for me :D

Yes. The cake. I know. I loved it too. And yes, it was delicious.

He knows I love the tiny stuff. And the bicycle is a gift by my best friend who gave me a sweet surprise.
(Psst! He wanted me to write "nasty shock" instead of "sweet surprise".)

He made this sofa...

These were the guests...


Anyway, the list:

Sell my paintings.

Join a dance class.

Go to Ladakh / or an awesome road trip like it.

Night out

Get drunk - wasted.

Try tequila.(just so I can crib that I have no idea why people have something so bitter - also - it may help me fulfill the aforementioned wish).

Create an awesome poster.

Stay in a cabin in the hills.

Color my hair.

Learn how to make awesome coffee.

Cook my mom a dinner - n give her an awesome gift.

Start writing poems again - this is tricky.

Join kickboxing classes.

Grow a beard and leave it for at least a month. Kiddin!

Sleep under the stars. Oh please. And we can make wild guesses about the constellations.

Learn to drive.

Have my own library.

Picnic by the riverside.

Spend one day lying in bed and not feel guilty about it. Just do nothing but read great books. Laze about. Ok, cut out the books too. Just be so lazy that laziness gets an entirely new definition.

Meet Ruskin Bond.

White water rafting.

Go on a photo-vacation.

Dance in the rain - done that - wanna do again.

Skinny dipping.

Master one dish which will be handed down generations :P

Get that book published.

Memorize the lines of my fav movie - all the lines.

Scuba diving / snorkeling.

Get over my fear(s).

Relearn maths.

Dance on top of a table. In heels.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

♥ scrambled love ♥

my silence begs you for your voice
say something, please
ordinary becomes enchanting
when you speak...
but you don't!
such a tease, no?
and haunting, haunting dreams
of your voice
whispering, cajoling
you don't let me sleep...

so much love in my heart
it overflows and drowns me
am floating in your love
yet very soon I will choke
come soon
and take your share
least i die
waiting for you
and your love kills me
...a beautiful death

"पहले आती थी हाल-ऐ-दिल पे हसी
अब नहीं आती..."

p.s.: did this make sense? writing poetry after ages.. feel all wooden and unsure...

Monday, April 5, 2010

I ♥ You

I miss you. And the rain.

It felt so magical then. You know, ever since the beginning. 

I still remember when I first held your hand. Your hands, sun-kissed, rough, harsh...I fell in love at first sight. They felt new and strange and fresh underneath my fingers. Tracing your life-line in the palm of your hand - coarse, deeply etched, and thankfully, long. And when we interlinked our fingers, it was how it was meant to be. Since life began, this was what I had been waiting for. To hold a hand which called out to mine, which felt safe and heavenly, like coming home.

And like the work of a magic spell, you became my favourite person. I have no idea when, where, how, why. These how's and whys don't even matter.

Do you remember, the silent walks, the whispered confessions, when feelings overwhelmed our tiny little hearts and tumbled out the way rainbow colored butterflies struggle out of their coccon? And beautiful, life-altering moments when I kept drowning in your eyes, pretending to myself it was just a game, another silly game we were playing. 

Sweet, savoured, cherished moments.

It was so difficult, yet somehow so easy to bare my heart to you, strip my soul infront of you....after all, it was you.

jism ki baat nahi thi,
unke dil tak jaana tha...

You make me feel beautiful every time you look at me. You make me realise that live is short ,but wonderfully beautiful and full of happy surprises. Your love makes everything else fade away, yet somehow, it also enhances everything, like I am looking at everything with eyes full of wonder. 

If I were a poem, trust me, I will dedicate myself to you.

image via here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

lil something...

Clicks while travelling on a train from Punjab to Delhi
It was heavenly...watching sunrise and then gazing amazingly at the sun-drenched foggy land of my beautiful Punjab.

I want to paint all the communication towers pink or purple or white or any color which looks lovely against the evening sky or morning sky. Which soothes the heart in blistering heat and warms it in arctic winter. Let them be more feminine, or more raw, and not an awkward red and white striped pajama.Wonder what Freud will think of this national obsession of sprinkling these phallus symbols all over the landscape?