Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laws of life

"When I was a kid, the worst of all days was the last day of summer vacation, and we were in the school yard playing baseball, and the sun was down and it was getting dark. But I did not want it to get dark. I did not want the game to end. It was too good, too much fun. I wanted it to stay light forever, so we could keep playing forever, so the game would go on and on. That's how I feel now. Come on, come on. Let's play one more inning. One more time at bat. One more pitch. Just one. Stick around, guys. We can't break up this team. It's too much fun.

But the sun always went down. And now it's almost dark again."

- Mike Royko

Changes in life. Good changes. Bad changes. Pleasant changes. Unexpected changes. Looking-forward-to changes. Please-make-it-go-away changes. It-happens-for-a-good-reason changes.

That's life's story. Change. Mine is going to change. For good. I am happy. I am packing away a new life, a new me, new joy and fresh hopes in a cute lil suitcase for a new journey. But am unhappy about what is getting left behind - what can no longer fit in the brand new suitcase. Roommates who became friends, confidantes. Friends who became what fills up an empty evening. The comfort of knowing a city - knowing the medicine shop open even on a Sunday, the correct auto fare from point A to B, the perfect shop to bargain at for the perfect dress. The cup of tea offered when I am sick. The hug given, unasked for, when needed the most. The hand which slips inside my palm when am scared. The surprise gifts. The happy faces. The sunshine-filled laughter. The inside-jokes. The "I know exactly how you are feeling" look.

Somehow, its difficult to focus on the gain right now.