Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lucky day

It’s been three years today. Three years of knowing someone I have known almost all of my life (go figure!). I met him, my best friend, this day, precisely three years ago. I wasn’t too keen on meeting him – the chief reason being that he was a he. But still we met and talked and somehow or the other, because of, or irrespective of those couple of hours, we stayed in touch.

We’ve fought with each other, cried with each other (ummm…actually I did), laughed and laughed (of course), shared stuff we really shouldn’t have, tore apart theories of life and made up our own, talked over endless cups of coffee and hot chocolates, shared profound silence in cafes all over the city, created our own secret jokes, hit each other where it hurts the most, drove each other to desperation, gave silly yet meaningful gifts, seen each other at our worst (atleast I hope so), became each other’s misery and each other’s solace, peeked into our souls, exorcised our demons together (or tried to), disagreed on almost everything and survived it, known what the other is going to say before they even utter a word…

And in doing all this and so, so much more, sweetheart, you have altered my very definition of “Life with friends”.

Hugs and kisses… (yes, today is your lucky day).

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have been doing things...

like clicking random people on random streets
discovering Costa in CP
meeting new people in the oldest part of the city
traveling in autos
and buses bursting to the seams

browsed through bookstores
waiting for a miracle
sipped delicious lassi
and found a pink monkey

ate kulfi after ages-
raindrops sprinkled on my glasses
had samosas and tea
enjoyed a "me" moment in my balcony
and listened to a poet while rain tapped on my window

met my dearest brother
and discovered nostalgia in youtube
craved for coffee and life-changing conversations
hugs and blueberry muffins

has been beautiful off late...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

how to reduce heartache in 3 easy steps

Dusk flickered through the sheer curtains, dancing on the floor. She sat in the shadows, her heart shying away from light; least everything inside became visible, vulnerable. Fingers clenched and unclenched around something. Something shiny, glinting, twinkling, sharp, smooth...

And she wondered, not for the first time, how will it feel to plunge it into her breast, beneath which lay the reason of all her sorrows? To hit the problem at its roots. Steel cutting neatly through flesh, oozing blood... maybe it will pain...but then, isn't the only cure of pain is pain? Her heart ached so much that she wish she could wrench it out with her fingers and throw it somewhere, far, far away... to finish off this throbbing pain...

Still thinking, and without realising it, she drew a crimson streak on her arm, followed by another. The knife burnt its way through her flesh. Warm, sticky blood rushed out to cool off the heat. And it was as if something eased inside her. As if an ache subdued.

Samandar lehron ki,
lehron ki
chadar odh ke so raha hai...

par main jagun
ek khumari, ek nasha sa
ho raha hai...

tu magar hai bekhabar...
hai bekhabar...
(OST: Delhi6)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guilty as charged

The worst part is not when someone has hurt you, crushed your heart and walked all over you. It will pain, you'll be hurt, yes.

But that's not the the worst part.

Its when you realise that you have hurt someone you wouldn't dream of hurting. What one feels then, is worse than what they call hell.