Friday, May 8, 2009

hell is an emptiness inside

Posted on my other blog today. after eons I guess. but it wasn't enough. I think I still need to vent. Tried writing in my diary yesterday. Didn't help. Just a bit which wasn't really much. And the full moon. And the song.

The funny, sad part is, that I am totally unable to write what is really choking me. That which is like an empty ache inside. Even the sun, even the occasional rain doesn't help.

I so, so wish love, that you were tiny enough and I could keep you in my pocket. And on full moon nights and every other night and those beautifully quiet days, too, I could take you out and breathe your scent in.

P.P.S.: comments are off. you are all very sweet but I really can't handle "oh what happened" "take care" kind of thing right now. Sorry if I've offend any of you. But I don't want it to be like an attention-seeking post.


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