Friday, February 13, 2009

I don't know my own country

What is this?

Seriously. For the first time ever I believe, I am sick of the so-called culture of this country. Drive a girl to commit suicide, harass a Muslim guy, all in the name of defending this stupid culture.


Voice said...

this is really so sad. A 15 year girl had to suicide :(

Ricky said...

I was shocked to read this yesterday. This moral policing is now going out of control. I saw some footage of the Mangalore bashing and these guys should be ashamed of themselves for beating girls like they were some sort of criminals. If you don't like pubs in your community, file a case in court. I certainly don't think of such herd-mentality guys as human beings, even animals don't beat their own.

Does it matter said...

Have said it earlier, will say it again: We are an uncultured people.

We like to imagine we are equal to the westerners, and some jokers even like to think we are superior (citing stupid mythological stories like pushpak viman), but the sad fact is - we are inhuman - an uncivilised, ignorant bunch of people who cannot even live together in peace.

rain girl said...

@Voice..sad? it makes my blood boil. but yet, impotent that I am, I won't do anything about it. Nothing. Zilch.

rain girl said...


It's disgusting Ricki. The way things are going, they we'll be next asking us not to work, not to look at any guy, see movies or go to school.

Why can't they live and let live? There's so much more they can check - like terrorists for example....

and you have hit it right: "even animals don't beat their own."

rain girl said...

@DIM... I don't know about all of us, but yes, those $%$&$%@#@# are uncultured.

I hate culture - i hate this word i swear.

You sound like my brother here. The worst part is, I kinda agree with you.

marvin the paranoid android said...

tell me something... that the girl was driven to suicide is deplorable, and there is no doubting this fact... but what makes us know who was abettor and who was not? loving someone is not illegal, but is it legal to have physical relations with a minor?? i am not saying that this was the case, all i am saying is that we are no one to judge... and more importantly, we always wish to see faults in the police, the government, all public agencies... while the matter is that it is WE who make up these agencies... why??? why can we not trust police?? agreed there have been numerous instances of open, blatant miscarriage of justice, but they have been reported... the cases where justice is served due to good work by the police are never reported because it is the job of the police to do good work... but that does not mean we should let our view be biased, or does it?? do we never make any mistake knowingly?? if we expect ourselves to be treated humanely, why not applying the same standards to others???

and those who say that we indians are uncultured, i'd just say that it is a case of "kalu indian" mentality... we all want to be fair skinned because the westerners are fair... if we were fair, we would be good like the great westerners, right?? we see all that is good there and all that is bad here... no one looks beneath their belly... if all was fine, then why was Paris, the cultural capital of Europe, burning with racial unrest a couple of years back?? what about the centre of the world's gambling and prostitution industry (yes, it is an industry there), Las Vegas, where it is estimated that 70% of the commercial sex workers are initiated forcibly into the industry??? examples are galore, but i rest my case...

shahid said...

Seriously !!!.. thats the exact response I have, everytime I hear of such thing..

But how do I care and how does it matter to me right now ....

I am happy turning a blind eye and I wont wake up till it comes to hit me some day ... may be not even at that.

I have no culture and have a conscience at best useless if I may call so.

rain girl said...

@marvin..i am not against the police..against the so called moral policing..the ram whatever sena which took the girl and the boy to the police station in the first place...

they weren't stopping them coz they were indulging in "deplorable behaviour" but because the girl was a hindu and the boy a muslim...

whatever the reason be, one is supposed to educate the young ones nad not harrass them so much that they end up their lifes.

about indians being uncultured - i really don't know right now. they may be, they may not be..or like the heroes of today's movies, us indians have grey shades too.

rain girl said...

@shahid..oh yes. how does it matter to me, too. some poor, silly girl killed herself. too bad. we move on. tomorrow will bring another news, another scandal.

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