Wednesday, November 5, 2008

now this..

That's why I don't like reading news.

Now marriage can be broken even on the ground of pimples. 
No, really. not joking.

fine. Maybe pimples are repulsive to some poeple. But to break a marrigae? What are you? some perfect piece of human being that you want a goddess? Didn't that guy ever hear about acne treatment. Maybe it's just a dumb excuse he thought of for some other reason.

More than him, am angry at the court. What in the world is justice coming to?

News courstsey here. 


Does it matter said...

yes, and wonder if the court would have given the same judgement, if a wife complained he was bald, wearing a wig at time of marriage..

Same judgement? Or advise to not let small matters affect the beautiful "relationship for life" ?!

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

what's with the law here...i am so surprised..

rain girl said...

@does it matter... quite, quite possible. :)

rain girl said...

@V... i they say it's going to the dogs..

Anjali said...

the court just did its job...thats all, its silly but i guess they were trying to be 'fair'(whatever!)

but its shallow on the guy's part to do something like that...just goes to show how surfacy he is...sick absolutely. he needs help

rain girl said...

@anjali... the court has behaved in a very stupid manner, really. unfair manner, if you ask me.
but who are we to judge? neways, the guy will have it one day, am sure...