Tuesday, November 18, 2008


cups of coffee
speckled with drops of tears
rainbow of dreams
splattered with charcoal inkiness

patchwork self-respect
ripping apart at seams
if i'm not for myself
then who is?
if i won't speak
then who will

tired of pointed fingers
tired of words, words and words
my heart won't speak anymore

contemplating silence
brooding realities

condemned loneliness
forced solitude
a day?
a week?
a month?

the lonely corner beckons...


Does it matter said...

Ah, cheerful look on yr blog, and for a moment one expected the poem to be too!

Well if you don't speak for yourself
Others will

So maybe you should reconsider the forced solitude
And surely reconsider the silence

Not a month,not a week
Not a day either

How about a minute, instead?!


marvin the paranoid android said...

solitude should not be forced upon yourselves..

Beauty and the BEast said...

I had spoken aloud
I had done me proud
But had anybody heard?
I had my doubts

I whispered
I screamed
I tried every single thing

But the world just turned
And nobody heard

Battered and bruised
I turned a recluse
I spoke to the silence
It heard me to the end

Then there was noise
Someone wanted to know
Why there was silence
Where whispers dreaded to go

A minute too late
Or maybe a decade
Cause even if I tried
Now I had lost my voice...

Khamakha said...

the poem comes at a perfect time for me...thanks

wht was it u said me...let there be light..n u ve plenty of reasons for the same... so let it be a happy introspection...
good luck with every thing...

rain girl said...

@DIM... thank you.. i love this look..it's all abt me :P i am greedy abt blueberry muffins hehe...

no one can dare to speak for me
except the one i choose...

no one can make me speak
except when i choose...

but yes, i will think about it...

very strong lines. no, i am not being harsh.... :)

rain girl said...

@marvin... looks whose saying.. :P

rain girl said...

@B&B...as always..expressive.

rain girl said...

@khamakha..you and me are so alike..
maybe that's why you understand me..maybe that's why the good luck..
we are twins, no? :)

n i hope the poem helped

Khamakha said...

now, tht's one of the most touching reply to my comment.

we r alike to the extent i can't explain :)so let it be.

AmitL said...

Hi,Rain Girl..cups of coffee speckled with drops of tears!Very nicely put,there!And, quite an introspective poem....something I often go through,ending up wondering whether everything that's happening is justified...later,of course,the answer usually is'yes'.And,who better to understand one's self,than,one's self? No need to rely on the world:)

rain girl said...

@AmitL... "And, who better to understand one's self,than,one's self?"

true.. true..only the self knows what the self wants.