Monday, September 15, 2008

The Delhi Blasts - again

What do I say here? I don't know. All I know is that I'm trying to be normal. But it isn't easy.
They hit Delhi again. And this time, the places where I go. Where you must have gone. Where our families, our friends go on weekends. GK, CP, Gaffar...

So again it happened. Again people died. News channels have something to scream about for the rest of the fortnight. People have another reason to crib about the government. Editorials will talk about how life is so sasti in India. And I will read all that, hear all that, see all that. And move on.... again.

Just how many times are we suppose to do that? Till one of us dies..till a friend or a family member dies... till our very homes are hit. Politicians will come and say "They can't kill the spirit of the poeple." Yeah, right. They are killing people, in case they didn't notice. So what use is the spirit then?

But you know what's the worst part....that I don't know what to do about it...I wonder if there is something which can be done.. or are we supposed to feel helpless and impotent everytime they blast away a part of my country??

roses are still smelling like roses
it's raining somewhere
and over there, look-
the sun is out, wearing its vulgar brilliance
like the rest of us...


Ricky said...

That's the sad part, that hardly anyone has control over this situation. Those that have some control are playing politics to take advantage of the situation. Although, am sure some people are trying hard to keep everyone safe but its obviously not enough. Even I don't know what more to say here.

Beauty and the BEast said...

To say there is nothing we can do is a defeatist attitude... if every one of us has to give up and accept the eventuality of such an occurence, we would be doomed way before...

There is someone always trying... to thwart inhuman attempts...

Just egg them to keep trying without giving up on their efforts..

•♥•...๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑..•♥• said...

be safe..coz their is no Superman who will come and save us.

No use of expecting anything from Indian govt. have to look after your safety yourself.


Does it matter said...

Yes, absolutely. Repeating my comments I made on another blog, specially related to the part you refer to as "They can't kill the spirit of the people."

Oh I am sooo disappointed with you and your views.

Instead, you should have admired the vibrant Mumbai (India?) spirit and our resilience. The ability to bounce back. The ability to give the terrorists a mooh-tod jawab.

Just the way we bounce back the day after the Train blasts.

Do we really care? No way.

We are Intolerant. And Callous.

Cheers to our resilient nation & city.

You are absolutely right, in that we need someone to make the change happen. We need more like you to say that we dont WANT to be resilient, we don't want to show our famous spirit. We want to get this addressed and mended so we can prevent it happening again.

Life and its value cannot be inversely proportional to the population of the country.


rain girl said...

a bit of hope, a bit of anger...enough of silence..

Anonymous said...

roses are still smelling like roses
it's raining somewhere....

i wish , the sweet smells should heals their desert mind &heart...
with its ever long flavour.