Thursday, August 28, 2008

handle with care

i place my head on your chest
snuggle - at peace
wrap your arms around-
there, now
handle with care
coz all's fragile here

i'm a falling teardrop
hold me
and i will still die
hold me
perhaps your warmth will kill the coldness inside...

i can't close my eyes
they show the blackness inside
stay here, sunshine
let me soak in your light
maybe you will melt those cobwebs away...

p.s.: "let me soak in your light".. this line was suggested by Aakash... he was sweet enough to help me edit this...and for mah dearest love - "don't worry..." :)


Beauty and the BEast said...

this is so touching....

and so beautiful! it makes me believe in love and eveything love stands for!!

Thanks honey!!

rain girl said...

:* u r welcome, cha..